He Has 3 Wives And He’s Paying For Their Plastic Surgery!

MAZAYAH and Stephanie are a married couple who have been together for seven years. In 2016 they broke up and Mazayah began dating Rose. He tried being monogamous in both relationships but it didn’t work for him. One day he introduced Rose to Steph and they entered into a polyamorous relationship. “We decided to bring other women into our life when we split apart. We were just like, let’s get another girlfriend because [Stephanie] is bisexual so we were like, let’s do it,” Mazayah explained. They have now been in a throuple for five years. More recently they have added a fourth person into the relationship, Dezaray, whom they met seven months ago. “Dezayah added the last little piece of fun and excitement that we needed,” Rose said. Their unconventional way of life has been criticised by the outside world: “When we started this relationship we had a lot of judgement from people saying ‘ew how can you do that? How can you share your man with another woman’,” Stephanie said. “And now that we’ve added a third person the judgement is just beyond now than it was in the beginning.” They receive comments such as, “She came back as a side chick to her own baby dad” and “I can just smell the low self-esteem!” But they don’t let the comments get to them: “It’s funny because we’ve probably been in a poly relationship longer than most monogamous relationships,” Mazayah observed. The girls now refer to themselves as ‘sister wives’ and split their time with Mazayah evenly. While they don’t actively try to look identical they do coordinate their looks, such as wearing the same colour scheme to show their union with each other. But now they are planning to take more drastic measures; they want to get plastic surgery to become their husband’s ideal body shape.

Uploaded on January 18th, 2024
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