Her 68-Year-Old Husband Had Cancer When They Met! (LOVE DON’T JUDGE)

GLENDA, 33, who is originally from Cameroon, moved to the US in 2011 to pursue a college degree. After graduating, she began her career in real estate where she came across real estate company owner, Roy, 68. Despite the 35-year age gap between them Roy started to flirt with Glenda and she fell for his charm straight away. After dating for weeks the pair were head over heels for each other and made it official. Despite their happiness, when they got together Roy was dealing with his own battles: “We met when I had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. I didn’t want to take a young, attractive woman through that,” he said. “But she said no, her exact words were: ‘I’m kinda a ride or die gal’.” Although Glenda was committing to Roy, not everyone was happy about this. “Roy is older than my mum,” Glenda said. “My mum was 54 years old so she was definitely not having it.” The couple are also trying to grow their social media presence and have received judgemental comments online. They have received comments like: ‘She’s married just for the money’, ‘When will you start changing diapers’ and ‘His bank account must be big.’ But they disregard the stranger’s opinions, Roy explained: “She’s a remarkable woman on her own, doesn’t need me. We just enrich each other’s lives.”

Uploaded on December 6th, 2023
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