Her Botched Curves Stopped Her From Wearing A Bikini!

YESSIE says she was “very petite with small boobs and no curves”. She felt no matter how much she worked out, she was never going to get the body she wanted. In 2016, at the age of 22, Yessie went to Mexico to get her first procedure done. She lied to her family and said she was just going to get a boob job but she ended up getting fat removal, full body lipo and a BBL as well as the boob job. After her first BBL, Yessie tried to work out and wait for the results of her BBL to be more apparent but was too impatient and she ended up getting a 2nd BBL a year later to enhance her shape and be curvier. After a while she wasn’t happy with her 2nd BBL because her bum and hips were so big but her legs were skinny and didn’t match. “All my loved ones were very shocked about how it turned out looking.” She would get depressed and cry about it and couldn’t wear a bikini. She said she looked fat and couldn’t fit into extra large bikini bottoms. Yessie says she regrets doing it and wishes she left the 1st BBL as it was. She has had 2 BBL reductions since then but still hasn’t been able to wear a bikini for 2 years. After getting her first procedures done, Yessie couldn’t find anywhere to get a lymphatic massage so she did her research, studied at school and decided to open her own Med spa. “I was going through a lot of hardship during my post surgical treatment, that’s one of the reasons I opened them to help other people in the same situation as me.” She now has 3 med spas; 2 in California and 1 in Mexico.

Uploaded on January 25th, 2024
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