Her Husband Was Told To Take A DNA Test!

VIVIENNE is accused of cheating on her husband, Ezekiel, due to her son’s condition. Eight-month-old Zayne has albinism which is a congenital absence of pigment in the skin, hair and the eyes. The couple moved to Cyprus from Nigeria a couple of years ago and said that while their families have been super supportive, people with albinism face discrimination. Ezekiel said: “In Nigeria I just feel they don’t see a child with albinism as a normal person.” In a bid to educate people about albinism, Vivienne created social media accounts to share Zayne’s story. While they motivate and inspire, the videos also garner negativity too. Vivienne said: “People go to my husband to tell him to get a DNA test. Those comments really hurt me… But with time I grew thick skin.” The couple just block out the negativity. Vivienne said they are determined to continue to create awareness and for people to see “how gorgeous Zayne is and that albinism is beautiful.”

Uploaded on December 13th, 2023
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