Her Mom Hates Her Giant Butt… But It’s Made A Fortune!

LISSA was 18 when she started working in the adult industry and over the years she’s transformed her body, spending over $100,000 on her new look. She told truly: “I got my first procedure in 2013 in Argentina and it was a Brazilian buttlift. My favourite procedure is probably the last one I had in March. I had another BBL. They did 360 lipo, ab etching and fat transfer to my hips. The whole experience was great.” Speaking about her surgery journey, Lissa revealed: “My transformation has completely changed my career and I was able to make a lot of money. It was definitely the best investment I have ever made.” In this episode of Hooked On The Look, Lissa will give us a glimpse into her glamorous life and speak with her mum about what she really thinks about her daughter’s new body. Reflecting on her transformation, Lissa said: “To the haters who judge my body, mind your own business and worry about yourself.”

Uploaded on January 1st, 2023
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