He’s Half He Size And She’s Not With Him For ‘Money’

AFTER connecting online, Jett and Angel discovered they shared the same birthday and decided to meet up, instantly hitting it off. Jett was just a kid when he contracted an infection that stunted the growth in one of his legs, leaving him with one leg shorter than the other. Right from the beginning of their relationship, Jett was upfront about his disability, he explained to Love Don’t Judge: “Initially when I spoke to Angel on social media, I was like ‘I have a little leg,’ and when I told her that she was like, ‘Ok, cool'”. Angel added: “We already had that vibe, so we just clicked. I didn’t really judge him. We had the same birthday, so I looked past his flaw.” However, their height difference does attract a lot of attention online – and not all of it is positive. Angel admitted: “Most of the judgement we get is online. They say I’m a ‘gold digger’. They say I’m ‘using him for his money’. They say a lot of hurtful stuff.” Reflecting on their relationship, Jett told Angel: “When I met you, it showed me there is hope. There is someone who can love you for you.” In this episode of Love Don’t Judge, we’ll hear about the scrutiny Jett and Angel face and how they deal with the challenges.

Uploaded on January 31st, 2024
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