His Girlfriend Is Younger Than My Daughters!

SEMIE, 24. and Claudio, 60, met on Seeking Arrangement six years ago and quickly hit it off, but their 36-year age gap initially caused a stir among family and friends. Claudio admitted to Truly: “My daughters told me, ‘Dad, please don’t women younger than us’.” When it comes to online comments, the couple are often subjected to a slew of hate and judgement, with many accusing Semie of being a gold digger. Unfazed by the comments, Semie shrugged, “We’re all gold diggers. No one is out there digging for pebbles.” In this episode of Love Don’t Judge, the pair meet with Semie’s besties, Spence and Sam, who reveal how they really felt when the couple first got together. Reflecting, Semie said, “In age gap relationships you’re always going to have judgers, but be unapologetically yourself and show them exactly why their judgement is wrong.”

Uploaded on September 4th, 2023
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