His Stripper Girlfriend Isn’t Cheating On Him!

GINGER, 28, was born in Brisbane, Australia but has used her job as a stripper to travel and live across the country. She currently resides in Perth, where she met her boyfriend Danny, 25, seven months ago. Ginger began stripping aged 20 when her partner at the time didn’t have a job and she was responsible for covering the bills. She explained: “I was broke. I’d been dabbling a little bit in the adult industry, and it just seemed like the best option for me to make money quickly.” In her spare time, she gives tarot card readings and practices reiki, calling herself a ‘spiritual stripper’. Danny booked her for a session when he felt he needed some direction for his future career moves. After pulling relationship cards for him during the reading she felt guided towards pursuing their romantic potential. “We really connected, especially since his cards revealed a lot to me and I thought he was really attractive,” she said. “There were a lot of things that came up that were indicative of [him] meeting someone and a new love in your life. And I had been noticing that in my own readings.” For Danny there was an instant connection, “as soon as I walked in I was infatuated,” he admitted. Ginger felt something deeper too, “I instantly got nervous, which was bizarre because I’m used to talking to men at work all the time.” Adding that: “I don’t mix business with pleasure usually.” Ginger was concerned that her job could threaten her chances with Danny romantically, but he proved her wrong, “it didn’t make a difference at all to him [it] was a relief,” she said. Danny works in the mining industry and works away for weeks at a time, with Ginger’s unusual hours, finding time together can be an issue. However, they work hard to communicate and have boundaries with each other to strengthen their bond. “I’ve never personally been involved with dating a stripper before. So it was a bit of a learning curve, but I found it really interesting. I trust Ginger with my whole heart,” Danny explained. “It’s a miracle that I don’t get jealous. I’m just really lucky. Trust, respect. It’s not easy to come by but sometimes you make it really simple.” Ginger agreed, “I feel as though the boundaries that we have are both mutual. The things that he wouldn’t feel comfortable with me doing, I don’t really feel comfortable doing.” Some of Danny’s friends have found it difficult to understand how he dates someone in the sex industry. “I had one of my mates that was very sceptical about whether the relationship was going to be serious or not, whether the relationship was going to have a solid base if it was just a fantasy. Worried that Ginger might just be playing me for the money that I’m making while I’m away. They say it won’t last long.” But Danny doesn’t let these opinions impact his love for Ginger. He continued: “We consider it to be very serious, so it was a bit disheartening to hear that from some people. I don’t take people’s opinions into consideration because they don’t understand the relationship that we’ve got.” Danny was nervous to reveal his new girlfriend’s profession to his mother, admitting that it was a “scary” thing to do. “There’s a way of life that my mum is used to and when I threw a curveball like that, I’m sure it hit her for six.” In this episode of Love Don’t Judge the couple sit down for an in-depth discussion with his mum Corrinne for the first time to discuss how she really feels about her son dating a stripper. Corrinne has questions about the longevity of their love, and Ginger’s loyalty to her son: “How is Danny going to feel if his wife is going out to nightclubs and if they take it to the next level, marriage, kids? Do you carry on working in this industry? Dancing for other people like that exotically, because this would have a massive impact on your children.”

Uploaded on September 11th, 2023
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