Meet The Man Who Can’t Smile!

CHRIS cannot smile. The 21-year-old has Moebius Syndrome – a rare condition which affects facial expressions and eye movement. Growing up, Chris was subjected to cruel name calling. Chris told truly: “I got picked on a lot. People called me ‘fish boy’ – anything related to an animal that has big lips.” He found out about a surgery that could help construct an artificial smile but it came at a cost of $300,000. Chris decided to find a way to raise that money and started working online and set up a marketing business. He’s now making an impressive $50,000 a month in revenue and about $25,000 a month in profit. Chris said: “It might not look like I’m smiling but when I’m in my dashboard refreshing my sales insights I definitely am.” Despite receiving negative comments online, Chris’ confidence has grown since sharing his story and knowledge on social media, he finds humour in the comments and his family are so proud of the resilience he’s shown.

Uploaded on April 9th, 2024
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