She breastfeed’s her husband!

THE BAILEYS have become a viral sensation after sharing videos of wife, Rachel, breastfeeding her husband, Alexander. Their videos have riled up a lot of shocked people online and they’ve had no end of criticism for their behaviour, but they just shrug off the haters and are ‘milking’ the attention instead. The couple live in Florida with their 3 kids; Troy (7), Aria (6) and Matthew (2). It was when Rachel was breastfeeding Aria that Alexander got his first taste of her milk. The couple were on a cruise without the kids and Rachel forgot her breast pump so Alexander stepped up to relieve her pain and reduce the risk of her getting mastitis. Initially sceptical, Rachel told us “at the time I thought it was gross but it ended up being the best thing.” Alexander now feeds once a week, something he looks forward to as it’s a form of meditation for him, as well as a bonding moment between man and wife. Alexander says it’s also done wonders for his immune system, “I haven’t really got sick in 3 years.” The couple have created a prominent social media presence by openly and unapologetically sharing their antics online. Alexander has written a song called ‘Milk Float’ and they’ve co-written a book. Their breastfeeding content has attracted a plethora of negativity from people with comments like; “you are sick, weird, disturbing”. This doesn’t phase the Baileys and they plan on continuing their feeding sessions until Matthew is weaned off, which unfortunately for Alexander, is happening imminently…

Uploaded on November 21st, 2023
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