She Drinks Her Own Urine & Live In A Tent With Her Kids!

LUCY, aka Lucy Aura, lives in a tent in the Australian rainforest with her two kids, seven-year-old Alana and five-year-old Asa. Despite the judgement she’s faced for her alternative lifestyle and parenting, Lucy says she’s “just being really comfortable with my choices, you may call me homeless but I’m at home with myself.” Fed up of living in a tiny, confined apartment in the city and struggling to pay rent, Lucy decided to take the plunge and pursue tent-based living in 2022. The family now enjoy a more simplistic, stripped back way of life surrounded by trees and wildlife. Alana goes to nature school while Asa is homeschooled, and they spend most of their time barefoot. Lucy hasn’t been to the doctors in five years and doesn’t take her kids, preferring plant medicine instead. She’s passionate about urine therapy, which involves collecting her urine, drinking, and using it as a cleanser. Lucy has received no end of criticism for her controversial way of life with people saying she’s “crazy, mad, saying that it’s really extreme”. But despite what others may say Lucy has no plans to leave her tent home. She wants to instil in her children a free spirited way of thinking and teach them “you are free to live the life that you chose, if you want to go off and live in the woods, you can go off and live in the woods.”

Uploaded on November 28th, 2023
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