She Make 6 Figures But Her Boyfriend Pays For Her Lifestyle!

HANNAH and Ed are a young couple, but their relationship has a very traditional set-up. Despite both earning six figures, Ed is responsible for paying the couple’s rent and bills, while Hannah takes care of the housework. Hannah explained to Truly: “I think it’s important that a man always tries to provide within his financial means.” Their arrangement has had its fair share of criticism, especially online where Hannah is often called a gold digger and accused of exploiting Ed. He explained: “People think that Hannah is manipulating me or that she’s taking advantage of me.” Their relationship is something friends have also struggled with and today, their friend Geni will be coming over to share her opinion. Speaking to the pair she admitted: “It’s not normal that a 22-year-old would do this for his girlfriend.”

Uploaded on December 29th, 2023
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