She Spent $500K On Surgery… Now She’s Removing Her Ribs!

INFLUENCER and aspiring rapper Stephanie Palomares has spent half of a million dollars on perfecting her look in order to ‘get more attention and make more money’. Stephanie, who has had 3 boob jobs and 5 rounds of BBL, said: “Growing up with so many sisters, it just made me competitive of who can get more attention and who could be the star in the family. So I just thought of creative ways to have the most attention.” With over 2 million followers on Instagram alone, it’s no surprise that the social media sensation is susceptible to criticism and hate. She said: “I can’t fight with everyone. I just leave them up there and they fight with each other. It’s funny, like my followers will fight for me in the comments and I find it very intriguing. Like, Wow, you guys love me or really hate me.” Last year, Stephanie went under the knife again and had a floating rib removal. Stephanie was so happy with the results she is planning to have another procedure to have her full ribs removed. “I don’t think I’ll ever stop getting plastic surgery,” Stephanie added. “I just want to keep myself looking how I want to look because at the end of the day, I go to sleep at night with myself and I get to wake up in my own body.”

Uploaded on October 18th, 2023
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