Their Mixed-Weight Relationship Has Made Them Millions!

SOCIAL media stars George and Sienna met five years ago after she watched him in the popular UK show ‘People Just Do Nothing’ from her home country of Australia. They hit it off exchanging messages on Instagram, eventually moving into a one-bedroom flat in London. However, their lifestyle status has now greatly increased. After capitalising on their controversial online following, the couple resides in a huge five-bedroom house in Surrey. “We make over six figures a year getting trolled,” George told My Extraordinary Family. On top of his acting career, George now sells tech gadgets online which get a big viewership, “TikTok shop paid me £10,000 for a two-hour live stream.” He has recently lost eight and a half stone from cutting down to one meal a day and walking on a treadmill during his live videos. Sienna is a fashion influencer and the pair also make comedy videos together, reacting to the hate they receive for being a mixed-weight couple. “We have hate websites dedicated to us,” she exclaimed. “They just can’t get over the fact that I’m fat and she’s skinny,” said George. They also get judged for being parents to their four-year-old son, Oliver. “They say that I look aggressive,” George explained. “It’s just the most disgusting, vile people in society, it’s quite disturbing.” The couple have now resorted to taking real-life precautions for the threats they get online. Their home has CCTV cameras, they carry ID spray when out in public, and George keeps an air gun at home. “People have said things like, if I ever see you in public I’m going to throw a*** in your face. It’s just that chance that maybe one of them is crazy, and maybe that could happen,” Sienna explained. Despite the negativity from trolls online, the couple are now happy with the life they’ve created for their son. “We are like three best friends,” Sienna said. “George completely changed my life for the better, before I met him I don’t think I ever experienced real happiness. Meeting [George] and having Oliver has been the best life I could’ve ever imagined.” To those who try to bring them down George said: “We are just a family, we are living our life, trying to make the most out of life and we are trying to succeed the most we can.”

Uploaded on April 20th, 2024
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