You Won’t Believe Who My Wife Fell In Love With!

YASMIN, Tyquan and Cieara from Atlanta became a throuple after Tyquan was open about cheating on Yasmin with Cieara. Yasmin and Tyquan have been together since 2012. The couple were madly in love, but Yasmin admits that Tyquan had a huge issue with infidelity and cheated on Yasmin several times with different women. However it was different with Cieara, Yasmin said: “When I found out, I was bothered by it, I asked him to stop. And when he didn’t stop I felt it was something more serious and I can look into it.” Yasmin decided to invite Cieara into their relationship and arranged the first meeting. The throuple decided to make a go of it as a three and not long after joining the relationship, Cieara fell pregnant with Tyquan’s child. The polyamorous throuple now all live under one roof with eight children between them. They have received huge backlash from their friends and family with people saying: “they must have low self-esteem”. Some of Yasmin’s closest friends couldn’t get their head around it and felt there was a huge lack of respect between the throuple and felt that Cieara was coming between them. The throuple believe “you can miss out of a lot of things if you’re not open minded” and are now happily married.

Uploaded on April 10th, 2024
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