Her Tooth Gem Business Funds My Luxury Life!

Yaunna Taylor aka Yaun the Don has been blinging up the people (and celebrities) of Atlanta’s smiles since 2017. Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, she moved to Atlanta to begin her entrepreneurial journey. Yaun built her six-figure tooth-gem business that now funds a lifestyle of luxury that includes her Maserati and a closet filled with designers like Fendi, Chanel, Versace, and a sneaker collection worth over $50,000. Yaun told Truly: “Luxury to me feels like freedom.” The celeb dentist has done tooth gems for Pretty V, NFL and NBA players and recently worked on Missy Elliott’s teeth. Today Yaun is launching her new swimwear range for her clothing line – Synclair France and has invited Bling Life on a behind the scenes look at how a boss launches a new product! Yaun said: “I would describe my lifestyle as a boss, a don…I’m able to get up and do whatever I want to do everyday.”

Uploaded on May 28th, 2022
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