She’s 19 & Make $2 Million A Year!

SAM, 19, is an entrepreneur and beauty queen who makes tens of thousands of dollars a month modelling and has racked up millions in total. Sam moved to LA last year after picking up four titles and an illustrious crown at Miss Philippines USA. She lives in an upscale apartment complex and was recently able to buy her dream car – a Mercedes C63s worth over $100,000 brand new. But things weren’t always so glamorous for the young influencer. Growing up in New York, her parents struggled to pay the rent and she and her sisters had to work to help keep a roof over their heads. Sam told Truly: “I feel like I was provided what I needed but not so much what I wanted.” Now, life could not be more different, as she regularly indulges in high-end shopping trips on Rodeo Drive to add to her extensive collection of luxury branded items. But none of that compares to what Sam views as her most meaningful achievement – moving her parents to San Diego and providing for them using the profits from her modelling: “Being able to provide for my parents has been a life-long dream of mine. I don’t say it out loud as much as I should, but I’m really proud of myself.”

Uploaded on February 19th, 2023
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